little wolf.

I'm doing some really important research. Does anyone wear outside clothes in their bed?

Have you given any thought to what your fans’ nicknames are going to be?

lol royals playing in the background of that scene xD

I can’t escape this now
Unless you show me how

I’ve got you, love.

1.04 | 1.18 | Standing beside the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother.

#joffrey being a seemingly good guy out of context

It’s come to the point when I can’t even be happy about these new pictures from 1.20. Like we all know they’re gonna end up arguing by the end of it and like my expectations have gone down so much it’s not even funny.

Lol I love how some KC’ers mention whining in the klayley fandom

uMMMMM and what do you call the first few minutes after klaus and hayley hooked up last year??????